Kina Bergstrom

Certified LifeMastery Consultant

Phone: +46 (0) 739 836 929
Kina Bergstrom

Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality...

As a Certified LifeMastery Consultant, Kina Bergstrom can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose.

What if Happiness isn´t a coincidence... What if Happiness is a skill ... That you can train ... Think a minute, what if...

I have the best job there is; to take part in individuals and organizational changes; to entice the magnificence within people and see their success grow. I love to challange people to think bigger. I want to inspire and motivate you to achieve goals that you didn´t think were possible.

I have worked as a professional Coach and Leader/Developer in different corporations. I have lengthy experience with Mental Training. Coaching, Mental Training and Mary Morrissey's grand knowledge along with Bob Proctor's ideas together are an unbeatable success concept.

When I met Paul Martinelli in 2008, I thought to myself “these are my thoughts! This is everything I have ever learned in a concentrated form.” That’s how my journey with Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor and Paul Martinelli started.

I have found my calling in life! How would you like to find yours?

Everything starts with one thought....and a first step!